Yellow Fever Scare

September, 1873 - Three sailors aboard the Schooner Julius Walsh sick with Yellow Fever. Two of the men were quarantined before the ship docked at Red Hook's Union Stores but a third man did not show symptoms until after the ship arrived in port.

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Brooklyn Daily Eagle, September 25, 1873

The Health Officer's opinion that the cases of alleged yellow fever, upon the Schooner Julius Walsh, now lying at the Union Stores, were cases of intermittent fever, is fully sustained. There were three men sick with the disease upon the vessel, but the one who died upon the schooner was not taken sick until after her arrival to port. The other two cases were taken off at Quarantine.


The Yellow Fever Scare

The Yellow Fever Scare

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Sep. 25, 1873

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  • Brooklyn Daily Eagle, September 25, 1873

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