A Riveted Friendship that Endures: Tynan and Todd, 1921

A story of a friendship between "Joe" Tynan and "Bill" Todd. They started out driving rivets together at the at the same shipyards and both became presidents of large corporations.

In 1921 Joseph H Tynan was the vice-president and Pacific Coast manager of Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation, while William H. Todd was president of the eponymous Todd Shipyards Corporation based in Red Hook

Full Transcription of the Marine Journal article, July 30, 1921:

Only a few short years ago “Joe” Tynan and “Bill” Todd worked together in the same shipyards, driving rivets so well than soon both were moved along to more important jobs.  Today Joseph H Tynan is vice-president and Pacific Coast manager of the immense  Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation, while William H. Todd is president of the Todd Shipyards Corporation, the world’s largest ship repair organization.

The friendship between those young and ambitious riveters endures. The fact that their bigger jobs of today keep them 3,000 miles apart only serves to draw the bands of brotherhood al the tighter.

That has been proven twice lately.  In May Todd traveled to San Francisco  to watch  his old buddie officiate at the launching of the scout cruiser Milwaukee and Tynan gave Todd a reception that the folks of Frisco are still talking about.

Tynan brought his son and daughters to New York to board the Silver State on her maiden voyage to the Golden Gate via the Panama Canal.  That gave “Bill” Todd his opportunity to even the score with his old pal “Joe” Tynan, and New York Harbor, which had witnessed many an elaborate farewell to departing guests and visiting dignitaries from foreign nations, never witnessed a more hearty sendoff than was accorded the Tynan family.  After the festivities and just as the Silver State started  South  a big aeroplane zoomed out of the sky and as she circled  the Silver State one of the air pilots climbed out on a wing and dropped American Beauties on the ship’s deck.  Each bouquet was tagged with the name “Joe” Tynan and bore the good wishes of “Bill” Todd.  That was the way one pal said au revoir to his old buddie. 

Moral – America still is the land of opportunity for boys who make good on their jobs.  Both men say many men in the shipyards will follow in their footsteps.  


"A Riveted Friendship that Endures,"

"A Riveted Friendship that Endures,"

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Jul. 30, 1921

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  • The Marine Journal - July 30 1921

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