Oral History: Ralph Packer: 2016

Ralph Packer is a Martha's Vineyard old-timer who coyly won't reveal his age because he doesn't want to retire!  Interviewed while taking a break on the Vineyard Haven pier of his Packer Fuel company, Ralph offers a historical perspective on the importance of PortSide's MARY A. WHALEN and other Bushey tankers in supplying fuel to Martha’s Vineyard.

He also speaks with great admiration about the seaworthiness of these old tankers and the handsomeness of their design.

His company runs a fuel transportation company that includes the waterborne end, the terminal ashore, and the delivery trucks. He also runs Tisbury Wharf that includes a fuel dock and dockspace for visiting vessels that range from yachts, small cruise ships, and historic vessels.

Interview by Carolina Salguero for PortSide New York, August, 2016 on Martha's Vineyard at Tisbury Wharf/Packer Fuel (R.M. Packer Co.)



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