Bullets and Fists Foil Rum-Runners

US customs found $10,000 worth of liquor on steamship docked in Erie Basin.

New York Times, January 21, 1926, excerpt:

Bullets and Fists Foil Rum Runners
Custom Men Seize $10,000 Worth of Liquor after a Battle on the Pier
Contraband on 10 Ships
Large Quantities are Thrown into the Sea - $250,000 Alcohol Taken in Two Raids.
After a fifteen-minute battle with bullets and fists, ten customs men yesterday reported routing twenty-five river pirates and rum runner early yesterday on Pier 2, Erie Basin, in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn. The customs men then boarded the steamship Caucasier of the Lloyd Royal Belge Line and seized liquor they valued at $10,000. Abroad the Caucasier, the customs men said, they found a quantity of the liquor on deck ready for unloading and more hidden below. The officers and crew of the ship denied all knowledge of the liquor. They will be questioned later by a United States Commissioner in Brooklyn…


Jan. 21, 1926

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  • The New York Times

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