Public School 30, 1868, 1930s

Red Hook's Public School 30 was built in 1868.

P.S. 30 was located on the east side of Conover Street between Wolcott and Sullivan Streets. 

By 1930 a modern addition was built just to the east of the original building.

P.S. 30 was in bad shape by 1963.  It was replaced by P.S. 15, located on 71 Sullivan Street in 1966.  Articles from 1963, see below, describe the poor condition of the school and how Red Hook residents felt underserved. 

How is this a water story?  While we don't have any explicit ones (yet), we do know that from the 1860s thru the 1940s, when Red Hook had robust shipping, ship repair, and manufacturing businesses taking advantage of its many piers it also had a larger population.  In the winter that population would spike as canal boats, and their resident families would winter over in Erie Basin.  In 1963, an article in the Brooklyn World-Telegraph and Sun, reported that school had 940 students. In 2022, the NYC Department of Education's website places P.S. 15 enrollment at 423.   [Yes, in 2022 in Red Hook there are also P.S. 676 (95) and Pave Charter School (<500) but then the neighborhood also had P.S. 27, erected in 1890, and expanded in the 1930s.] Over half of the students attending P.S. in 163 were Puerto Rican.  Atlantic Basin is where Puerto Ricans Landed in NY from 1906 to 1928, many settling right in Red Hook. 

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