Red Hook Mutual Aid

Red Hook Mutual Aid is an independent corps of local volunteers: "who live in Red Hook and are working to make sure supplies, resources, and information are as inclusive, comprehensive, and accessible as possible to everyone in the neighborhood."

They provide phone support through a call-back system in five languages (English, Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, and Russian).

Their number is: 646-484-9677

Red Hook Mutual Aid maintains a calendar of food pantries that distribute free food in the area.

Started during the COVID 19 health crisis, the stated goal of the organization is to: "establish accessible and inclusive ways to share resources and support vulnerable neighbors with what they need, as well as build a shared understanding of why people do not have what they need. Mutual aid is as much about addressing immediate needs as it is about building solidarity." 

Red Hook Mutual Aid mobilized when the City opened a HERCC shelter for adult male asylum-seekers January 2023.  Permanently closed as of February 23, 2023, for the first month they operated a temporary center where they provided free clothes and bike repair, distribute supplies, offer language classes, and other neighborly support. 

Phone: 646-484-9677



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