Red Hook soldiers shipped to Iceland for its defense, October 2, 1941.

In mid-September 1941 a field force of the United States army landed in Iceland. The US had not officially entered WWII (that happened when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor in December 7, 1941) but were backing up the British who had taken control of the island country before the German's could. The Daily Illini, of Urbana-Champaign reported that 

Morale among the arrivals appears
good.  Said a' youngster from
the Red Hook district of Brooklyn: 

"Sure, lots of guys squawked
when they knew where, we were going.
They always do. But as soon
as they get ashore and get settled
they stop  squawking. Lots of us
have never been out of the United States
before and we get a bang out of this.
'Besides, we enlisted for soldiering, and we're no summer soldiers"

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