Great Western Steamship Line, 1872

In 1872 the Great Western Line was sailing out of Red hook Brooklyn's Atlantic Docks taking passengers and cargo to a port near London and other ports along the Bristol Channel.

The cost of a cabin was $70
Today, one can take the Queen Mary 2 from Atlantic Docks (now knows as Atlantic Basin) to Southampton ( a port near London) for $649. On it's face, a lot more money, but the buying power of $70 in 1872 would be equivalent to $1,448 today.

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The New York Herald, October 25, 1872

Great Western Steamship LineNew York to Bristol (England) DIRECT

Taking goods and passengers to London, Cardiff, Newport, Gloucester and all ports in Bristol Channel.
The Steamers of this line will sail from the Atlantic Docks Brooklyn as follows –

ZAMBRA, Pearse  …………….Tuesday, October 29
ARRAGON, Western  ………....Saturday, November 9
GREAT WESTERN, Stamper…Saturday, November 30
     Cabin passage… $70 currency
     Steerage ….…...$30 currency

Parties wishing to send for their friends can obtain prepaid certificates. Drafts for £1 and upwards. 

For freight or passage, apply to
E. E. Morgan's Sons, 70 South street, New York.





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