Red Hook Towing Company/ Dalzell Towing Company 1925

The Dalzell Towing Company purchased the Red Hook Towing Company in 1925 to expand their operations into Brooklyn.  They then moved their offices to the Erie Basin breakwater (the man-made protective pier that encloses the basin) from Manhattan.  

In the 1950s the National Association of Manufacturers, released a series of short films under the heading, Industry on Parade.  One, entitled "Workhorses of the Harbor!," featured the Dalzell Towing Company's operations. 

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THE BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE, New York, January 7,  1925


With the purchase of the offices and equipment of the Red Hook Towing Company, the Dalzell Towing Company, 21 State St., Manhattan, is today planning to extend its business to this boro and actively engage in commerce on the Brooklyn waterfront; The Dalzell firm is operated by F. B„ W. F. and Lloyd H. Dalzell, sons of the founder, and residents of the boro.

The merger, members of the firm said this afternoon, will give the company the Red Hook Barge offices in the Erie Basin breakwater for its boro trade. Capt. R. 13. Drew, former owner of the Red Hook company, is to be identified with, the Dalzell firm.

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Long Island Obituaries

Mrs. E. H. Dalzell

Mrs. Emily Handy Dalzell, widow of Commodore Fred B. Dalzell, prominent Brooklyn shipping man, died Saturday evening at her summer home in Westhampton Beach. She was 80 years old.

She was the mother of G. Howland Dalzell, who died last June and is survived by a son Fred B. Dalzell who is president of the Dalzell Towing Company; a sister, Mrs. Mabel Fenwick of Milford. Pa., and a brother, James F. Handy of Essex, Conn.

Mrs. Dalzell's husband, who died in 1916 founded the Dalzell Towing Co., and was a former president of the Crescent Athletic Club.

Private funeral services were conducted by her brother-in-law, the Rev. Harry J. Fenwick. Interment was in Greenwood Cemetery.




“Workhorses of the Harbor!” from “Industry on Parade” circa 1954 NAM featuring Dalzell Towing

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1925, 1939, 1954


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