Chandra B

The CHANDRA B is a 79 ft by 23 ft double-hull bunkering tanker  and part of American Petroleum Transport's fleet of service vessels that work the New York Harbor. As part of APT's fleet, the CHANDRA B delivers fuel to many of the vessels in the harbor including the Circle Line fleet, the Governor's Island ferries, and the New York Water Taxis. 

She is named after a daughter of one of the owner's, Stephen Bragoli. She was launched in 2015 from the Rhode Island shipyard, Blount Boats, Inc.

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A captain of the CHANDRA B, Rich Naruszewicz, started worked for three years on the MARY A. WHALEN in the early 90s. He was interviewed by PortSide NewYork's Jenny Kane in 2014.  His oral history is one of several collected for Red Hook WaterStories

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