Yankee Tomcat Pirate, 1923

A Red Hook cat invaded the British steamship BADAGERY while the vessel was docked in Erie Basin and proceeded to terrorize the small members of the crew.  Katy Cockroach, the cook’s speckled hen, stopped laying eggs and became “lean and wan” from being raced around the deck. Jackie, jumped ship at his first opportunity, leaving behind his wife and three puppies, after losing a fight to the cat. Joey Parrot has thrice had to fight off the invader and forced to be ever vigilant “shrieks frightful sea epithets and parrot threats at his enemy." The cat was twice put ashore but somehow returned.

Transcription of article: New York Evening Telegram, September 1923

Pets Aboard British Vessel Call Yankee Tomcat Pirate:
Tiger, a Tough Feline Nondescript, Goes Aboard the Badagry, Licks the Hen, Chases the Dog and Makes the Parrot Nervous—Twice Put Ashore, He Comes Back.

 Battle, riot and dissension among the crew of the British steamship Badagry from the west coast of Africa has been going on the last few days, white the vessel has been discharging her cargo of logs at the Astoria Mahogany Company's wharf at Bowery Bay

A Yankee cat, named Tiger invaded the Badagry at Erie Basin on her arrival there a few days ago, and since then has instituted such a reign of terror among the other dumb members of the crew that Captain Havercroft is at his wits ‘ end.

No one knows how Tiger came on board, but every one knows he is there.  Twice he has ho been put ashore and twice has he returned. There seems to ho no doubt that Tiger has made up his cat mind to see the world.

Katy Cockroach, the cook's speckled hen, so named because she lives on whatever cockroaches she may peck and scratch from around the galley and store rooms, has gone on a strike.  No longer will she lay her three eggs a week until the pest has been done away with. She la lean and wan looking from being raced around the deck by the ferocious Tiger.  Her tail feathers are bedraggled and In her eye there is a haunted look.

Jackie has abandoned his wife and three puppies.  He long respected as the lord of pets, disputed Tiger's sovereignty the first day of his regime, and In the battle which ensued he sustained lacerations of the nose and eye.  As soon as Badagary arrived at her present  berth Jackie left his happy home. The feeling on board is that it is darn hard lines  for a Liverpool dog to be driven ashore by a strange cat in a strange land. 

Joey Parrot and his cohorts longer lead the happy, peaceful life of yore.  Joey has survived three attacks of the invader, but only by virtue sharp beak. Tiger seems to have score to settle against poor Joey, for after  he has chased Katy Cockroach about he will slyly sneak up to Joey's  favorite perch and there watch with gleaming eye and nervous tail Joey's very move.  At first Joey treats the marauder with silent contempt, but as time passes, he grows excited and shrieks frightful sea epithets and parrot threats at his enemy.  The paths of glory lead but to the  grave, and the days of Tiger's reign are numbered.  Even though Captain Havercroft has ordered that no harm be done him. his enemies wait their chance.  Could Tiger read, he would no doubt be familiar with the strange fates that meet a pirate and marauder of the high seas.    

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  • “Pets Aboard British Vessel Call Yankee Tomcat Pirate” New York Evening Telegram, September 1923

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