The Misses Shults Make Their Debut, 1914

William Beard is regaled in description of the coming out debut of two of his granddaughters in 1914.

The Misses Shults Make Their Debut.

Miss Isabel Shults and Miss Bertha Shults, who were presented at a reception last week Thursday, given by their mother Mrs. Frederic C. Brown, 16 West Seventy-second Street, Manhattan, possess the happy faculty of being gracious to everyone....

Mrs. Brown is a sister of ... the late Francis D. Beard, and a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. William Beard, for many years residents of Amity Street.  The late William Beard was a great force in the financial world in Brooklyn and with Jeremiah P. Robinson, his partner, made the Red Hook section an important factor in Brooklyn's commerical life.  These men were improvers of property, builders of docks and wharves, of stores and warehouses.  They reclaimed over a million square feet of submerged land and gave it a high market value.  The improvement of Gowanus Bay, the Erie Basin and the lands lying between Van Brunt Street and Hamilton Avenue are indicative of the great energy and the indomitable will of these men who were engaged in the upbuilding of greater Brooklyn—the Brooklyn we know today....


Dec. 19, 1914

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