Erie Basin - One of the Most Interesting Sections of This City, 1900

Few people other than those who have business there are acquainted, except by name, with the part of South Brooklyn known as Erie Basin. Yet it is one of the most interesting sections of this city and one that is never so inactive as not to be well worth a visit. By Erie Basin I mean, of course, not only the actual inclosed stretch of water, but the wharves, shipyards, drydocks, et cetera, that border upon it, and life in general about it. Just now one of the most attractive sights in the Basin is the annual gathering of the numerous craft that make it their winter quarters. A great many yachts are already on hand, the larger steamers including the Wanda, Sagamore, Lagonda and Marjorie, while the Vesta, Intrepid, Kwazind, Algonquin, Cavalier and Fleetwing are among the well-known schooners. Across the basin from these is a group of steamboats whose summer work is over--the big ocean-going Columbia and practically all the Iron Steamboat Company's fleet. But neither yachts nor steamboats are as picturesque as the collection of all sorts and conditions of canal boats not far away. Crowded together as closely as possible, they form a little settlement of themselves that will probably be materially increased in superficial area during this month.


Oct. 6, 1900

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