Oral History: Richard Gambino, Italian-American, talks about growing up in Red Hook in the 1950s. 2013

Richard Gambino, a retired professor, grew up in Red Hook in the 1950s.  Interviewed by oral historian Shannon Geis in 2013, he recalls it as a close-knit Italian immigrant commumity.  He talks of the customs and traditons of the waterfront neighborhood.

Richard Gambino, is an author of several books including Red Hook: Confessions of a Brooklyn Eaglet: 1939-1955



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  • Shannon Geis's Red Hook Stories is a collection of oral histories collected as part of her Master's thesis research at Columbia University. She spent a year interviewing residents from all over the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn in order to explore the different definitions of community and the role of place in the way that we form our identities. 
    Shannon Geis has very generously allowed PortSide NewYork to use snippets of her interviews.  The full interview of Richard Gambino, along with a written summary is available on her website

    Shannon Geis, “Richard Gambino,” Red Hook Stories, accessed October 12, 2016, http://www.redhookstories.org/items/show/4.

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