Atlantic Basin, operated by DockNYC

Atlantic Basin is Port Authority property. It is leased to the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC). Two of the piers are operated under and NYCEDC program called DockNYC. DockNYC is operated by BillyBey, part of the NY Waterway ferry company.

DockNYC controls wharfage on Pier 11 (the east face), the inshore side of Pier 12 (the cruise terminal) and Clinton Wharf (the southern face).

Multiple marine businesses have vessels docked on Pier 11. in addition to PortSide NewYork, aboard the MARY A. WHALEN, at the south end of Pier 11.  As of September 2016, there were 6 commercial vessels homeported on Pier 11 representing 3 companies.

The asphalt and sheds around Atlantic Basin are leased to multiple tenants and some subtenants.

The NYCEDC has said that a ferry terminal that is part of the Citywide Ferry service will be coming to Clinton Wharf summer 2017.

The north face and inshore side of Pier 10 are part of the container port.


DockNYC at Atlantic Basin

DockNYC at Atlantic Basin

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