ILA union offices, aka The City Democratic Club, Red Hook 1953

"Albert Anastasia and Dandy Jack Parisi were frequently seen in the union offices at 33 President Street, Brooklyn, associating with union officers. The so-called City Democratic Club, located in South Brooklyn, was a hangout for racketeers where many officials of the 'Camarda Locals' were either active members or frequent visitors"

The Forth Report of the New York State Crime Commission, 1953  

In the early 1950s the Government cracked down on curruption and profiteering associated with the loading and unloading of cargo. Union leaders, who controlled who worked when and where, were charged with being some of the cheif offenders.

[Note: More and fuller waterstories about this, and the strugles of labor should be forthecomming]



  • Forth Report of the New YorkState Crime Commission (Port of New York Water Front) to the Governor, Attorney General and the Legislature of the State of New York, May 20 1953.  Williams Press, Albany, 1953. p.23

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