Hook Arts Media (formerly DTE/Dance Theatre Etcetera)

Hook Arts Media

Arts with a focus on social transformation and community

Copying from their website:

Premised on the belief that the arts are an effective vehicle for social transformation, Hook Arts Media® unites artists and community members as co-creators in dynamic cultural activities.

Our Story
Originally known as Dance Theatre Etcetera, Hook Arts Media achieved national acclaim for making the arts a critical component of urban renewal and recovery efforts in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Dance Theatre Etcetera was noted for its many groundbreaking site-specific dance productions and performing arts education programs. As the organization has evolved, it has rebranded as Hook Arts Media to reflect its new focus on creative learning for community change, incorporating 21st-century technology into its arts education programs.

Hook Arts Media’s in-school multidisciplinary arts/media programs primarily serve NYC transfer high schools, and its community-based programs focus on digital media and computer literacy, preparing young people with skills and knowledge they will need for college and/or the workforce.

Address: 480 Van Brunt Street
Email: info@hookarts.org
Phone: 718.643.6790

Website: https://hookarts.org/dte-is-now-hook-arts-media/

Street Address:

480 Van Brunt Street [map]

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