Brooklyn: Hamilton Avenue - Huntington Street

Hamilton Avenue, east side, south from Huntington Street, showing the demolition of buildings to make possible the widening of the avenue as the northerly extension of the Belt Parkway. View 2 is south from Mill Street, two blocks below Huntington Street. On the left is the south side of Garnet Street.
September 7, 1940
Views 1,2
P. L. Sperr Visw A. 9- ~gNN,5V1
2A 765o Vw 3 -S 2--. NeS 2 62-~S7eS
wS 8-S.2 Te2 kC5. 26~E2
LNew 5-3


1940; 1941

Street Address:

Hamilton Avenue & Huntington Street, Brooklyn, NY [map]

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