Brooklyn: Lorraine Street - Columbia Street, 1931
Timothy Desmond, Stevedore, ca 1900

61 to 73 Lorraine Street, north side, between Columbia and Hicks Streets, viewing northeastward across the S. E. corner of Lorraine and Columbia Streets and showing several old houses that were later razed to make way for the erection of the Red Hook low cost housing development, sponsored by the New York City Housing Authority.

The sign on the building was for Timothy Desmond.  Acoording to his obituary in the The Daily Standard Union, January 12, 1910, who retired as a stevedore was "one of the most prominent men in the Twelfth Ward."  The 12th Ward was the the  neighborhood of Red Hook. Stevedores load and unload cargo from ships, this encompasses both the physical work as well as the organization and spatial planning. 


1931; 1938

Street Address:

Lorraine Street & Columbia Street, Brooklyn, NY [map]


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