Devine Burtis Shipyard, 1840-1905

Devine Burtis  started his shipbuilding business in 1840.  Originally in Manhattan, the shipyard moved in the 1850s to the foot of Conover Street, Red Hook, Brooklyn. 

Between 1840 and 1901 they built ferries for New York ferry companies and the Central and Pennsylvania Rail Road companies. 

Among their better known boats are the FULTON  ferry, built in 1852 for the Union Ferry Company, and the ill-fated PS GENERAL SLOCUM, built in 1891 for the Knickerbocker Steam Ship Company.  The GENERAL SLOCUM tragically caught fire and sunk in 1904 killing 895 people. 

Divine Burtis, Jr, born in 1842, died on October 7, 1896 a respected ship builder.  He is burried in Greeenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn.

The yard closed in 1905.

The Divine Burtis ship yard, acording to a 1910 edition of The Nautical Gazette, was sold at auction to T. B. Johnson of 59 Pearl street, N. Y., for $94,000.

A list of ships built in the shipyard of Devine Burtis  can be fount at the website

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