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Street Flooding Report Street flooding to NYC by calling 311 or by going to their 311 website .  There is a detailed questionaire to report flooding on the the website, that allows you to submit images and other attachments.  Sewer Backups...


Subjects: Resiliency

Storm Preparedness For Small Business , a n excellent event organized by  SBIDC  took place on 9/17/13.   The tips are also useful for home owners and non-profits, and much of it also applies for areas besides Red Hook. SBIDC set up this...

Subjects: Resiliency

Sample No. 2, Marked from 017 Erie Basin. Found: Numerous small worms resembling round worms, 0r Nematodes. Numerous diatoms, Oogonia, Conferva filaments, bits of wood, considerable plant epidermis. Ulothrix, Botryococcus braunii, Schizomeris...

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