Community Fridge at Fort Defiance - Hashtag Lunchbag Brooklyn

Community Fridge location:
347 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn, NY 11231, outside of Fort Defiance - General Store & Restaurant

As of June 2021, there are two community fridges in Red Hook.
The first frige was set up August 2020, during the COVID pandemic outside of Jam’It Bistro.
A second was placed outside Forte Defiance.

The Red Hook community fridges are an initiative of Brooklyn branch of @Hashtag Lunchbag. established by Anaika Forbes in 2016. She teamed up with Tiffany Davis of the Red Hook Art Project (RHAP) to find establishments willing to provide space and care for the fridges.

The general rules of the community fridges are:

  • All items are free
  • Take what you need
  • Leave what you can
  • Always practice saftey (masks, gloves, hand sanitizer)
  • No raw meat
  • Please date an label all foods
  • No open or partially wrapped foods
  • No prepared foods unless previously authorized
  • Please keep fridge neat and clean 
Instagram: @hashtaglunchbagbk

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